Smart Cites & IOT

We design and implement efficient solutions for smart city by connect people, data, and devices delivers scalable, innovative camera and IoT solutions, and uses our industry-leading expertise and experience to bring your city together.

Improving pedestrian safety with AI-driven video analytics monitor traffic conditions, detect potentially harmful events, such as wrong-way drivers and U-turn violations, and ensure pedestrians are safely crossing busy streets and intersections.

In gated community, we provide the latest technology using high end products to implement building safety automation, services for IOt, situational awareness, smart road, traffic signal and digital board, security in public spaces (centers, parks, boulevards), traffic analysis (vehicle identification, incident detection, App for LPR, ALPR that can grow with the needs of its law enforcement and emergency personnel management. As such, technologies deployed today need to be future-proofed for long term ROI and to create a better place to live. 

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